• Walking through this dark street that's so empty
    It's raining and I have no umbrella to keep me dry
    I'm getting cold and wet, but you're here with me
    Trying to keep me warm, as you look me in the eye

    I hear your words heating up my heart
    And all I hear is your voice whispering to me
    "I love you so much, my sweetheart".
    You hold my hands, squeezing them softly

    I don't feel the raindrops falling anymore
    For a moment, it's like the time has slowed down
    I love you too, my saviour
    You're my angel, My angel that came down

    Even though you have no super powers
    You're still my hero, not matter what
    You always cheer me up, even in my dreams
    We'll be together forever, no matter what

    Everyday we start a new chapter
    That always seems better than the previous one
    I will fight for us, I'm no quitter
    your love melts my heart that was frozen

    You forgave all the mistakes I made
    Even though I haven't
    You make me feel save, when I'm afraid
    Even when you shouldn't

    It's not raining anymore
    And the sun brightens the day
    With you, I'll never be poor
    I love you more, each day