• At times,I wish...I didn't have a heart
    That way it wouldn't break...
    Emotionless like a rock,I will not get hurt
    I wouldn't care what they thought of me

    My eyes will cloud over,so my soul
    remains hidden in my garden of thorns
    My feelings will remain hallow and cold
    I'll become distant...and full of spite and jealousy

    No attachment...free to roam the night
    The city lights seems to distract me for the moment
    But I still have a bitter taste in my mouth,
    from the kiss of ignorance and stupidity

    Emotions are overrated...it only leads you
    to misery and swollen teary eyes
    My mind races and my palms sweat,
    as I try not to think about the scars...
    which left me exhausted and bruised

    The stitches...scream at me from gripping the steering wheel
    to tight
    As I ascend from the harshness of my emotional tragedy ...
    into the peacefulness of my dreams
    Do not pity me,my dear
    I am only your reflection starring back at you