• Bitter Sweet Prison

    I took your advice to please others. I changed who I was.
    First, I started off by telling myself those innocent lies.
    I felt the deep ache in my chest, however, I pretended not to know
    that I was pulling myself deeper into a dishonest disguise.

    I knew you were deceiving me. Manipulating me. A demon of my own.
    But I was fine with it. It felt good – It was okay if I was not myself anymore,
    for I was too weak and lost for this world, too afraid of getting hurt.
    So long had I cried for acceptance, 'till it was your hand, that I could no longer ignore

    So I embraced you with what little courage I had left.
    I knew it was reckless. Squeezing my eyes shut, I dashed into the dark –
    those haunting memories closing around my body, feeding me... loving me.
    Being broken by regret, I held on tightly – letting you leave your mark.

    I ran quickly. Deeper. Further. A pathetic human being.
    Your grip caressing my heart as I ran faster. But why did I run?
    My thoughts stop, realizing her warm breath wrapping itself around me.
    My mind trembles with fear. Her warmth – I wanted to live. But the fall had already begun.

    There no longer was any ground beneath me. I cried out into the dark. I was fooled.
    Overtaken by a single emotion, I had quickly thrown away what I cherished. I ran to my end.
    What a bitter sweet prison I was trapped in – turning my back to the only one who cared.
    She was my protection. I quickly sunk to my loss. Her voice suddenly whispering to me;

    'My friend...'