• Who knew just standing next to you could change even my worst moods for the better?
    When I'm with you, all I can do is laugh and smile.
    Every hug, I treasure. Every kiss, I will to last forever. I don't think anyone else in the world but the two of us can truly understand this feeling.
    You've got me falling for you. Falling hard. Falling hard but in slow motion.
    When we touch, time freezes. Clocks stop ticking, the world stops turning, and everyone stays in place.
    When you aren't close, you fill my mind. When you are close, you still fill my mind.
    You are the star performer in my day dreams and the lead in my night dreams. In my nightmares, you are the protagonist who saves me from my fears.
    When I'm awake, you're my hero, best friend, and love.
    You are perfect. Completely amazing in every way.
    I'm falling for you.
    Fall with me.