• As we search for our meanings,
    they fall through our fingers to cling to dust.

    We find solice in our fear,
    and a comforting embrace in solitude.

    But as we run from our past,
    it slowly consumes us.

    We are only, as we are.

    So many paths, too many turns.
    And we say to chose only one.
    I wish to take part on all of them.

    One day someone will follow my steps,
    but never will they find all of them.

    For my heart was not settled on one beauty,
    but to all of what was not beautiful.

    I carressed the broken heart,
    and with a serenade of silence..
    heald it to my own.

    Now like a disease,
    I am a contagion.

    For taking upon myself, to live.
    I have caused the rose to brew thorns.

    Damn me for all that I am,
    but at least I am as such.

    This has turned to ice..
    a journey that once was so free.
    Frozen solid in itself.

    Learning to stride in the shadows,
    I have crawled through misery..
    Only to sleep with remorse.

    And now the mirror is gone,
    and not even I can hold me.

    For I am my greatest betrayal,
    and yet..
    I am my only truth.