• are we ok are we safe
    is this a question or is this a statement
    are we mad or happy
    do we know who are we who am i
    is this scary or is it funny is it right or wrog
    did i win or lose am i popular
    am i nerd or just smart is it we or me
    are we strong or weak
    are we friends or ennemys
    is this a poem or a song
    are these questions hard or too much theres a diffrent
    are these questions for us or me or wat we are
    wat we are is wat we need wat we need is wat us needs
    we need u as much as u need us we must be one or
    none u might cry in a love story but others may not are they still us
    yes but are they me no wat we are is wat we be u need us or there is no me