• On beautiful sands
    i lay
    Golden blue sky
    I closs my eyes
    Listening to the sounds that suround me
    The sea the ocean the sea gulls sqaurking
    The wind blowing through my hair
    The sun burning my skin
    To this red glowing beauty
    The erroded rocks with holes
    Standing still as the waves crash
    Easing my very soul
    I walk along the sand
    Sea shell i find
    Beautiful pink
    Beautiful white
    With colours that glint in the light
    I stop for an ice cream
    A drink
    And a snack
    Injoying the sights of others walking past me
    The many games thats played
    Chaseing my mates
    And as the sun gos down
    My happy memorys remain
    The day will never be forgotten
    It will always remain
    In my mind
    In my soul
    I cant wait
    To go back to the relaxing state in which i loved
    The sandy beach of saint athens dove
    the smells the sights the laughs the fun
    i loved it all