• The streaks down my face are warm reminders of the tears I've cried.
    Hot pools of salty water forced to fall by cruel words and actions, scars that are not seen but remain deep against the emotional background.
    The darker spots on my clothes and pillow as I coware in a small spot on the bed, trying to cage the negative emotions and memories that cause new streams of hot tears.

    The heart doesn't even feel like its there any more, just an absent whole where love used to pump through.
    Giving life and hope, cruel words and actions tore that love away and took with it the heart it once resided in.
    Leaving an empty shell until once again that love can be won back the love that is the one and only thing that is keeping things alive.

    The simplest of things can bring everyone to their knees and leave a gap that promises to kill.
    A heart needs it to keep going, to sustain the life that counts only on the rhythmic beating.
    Love can draw tears to fall over and over, leaving warm reminders of the actions and words that left emotional scars that are only felt by one.