• I am the mist,
    I am the wind,
    I will stay and I will go no matter what you say,

    The hearth will only warm you for a short while but don't blame me,
    My comfort has left me in the dark underneath the starlit sky,
    The mistakes I can forgive but I cannot forget,

    The warm day will always come to a shuddering end but don't blame me,
    My heart has been smashed like glass into a million pieces,
    The darkness that fills my world will not fade,

    The pleasant heat from the sun will always fall to the night but don't blame me,
    My sorrow will always remain my thoughts will keep secrets from me,
    though my torment is far worse,
    I will not make you stay but I won't refrain from leaving you for I have my dark and shadowed heart to keep me from going insane.