• If to keep you safe for all eternity,
    To die would be my gift to you.
    My silent sacrifice for you,
    Will let me be at peace
    For I know you will gain happiness.
    Happiness better than which I could give.

    Know that one day I will be gone.
    When that day comes,
    My body withered and gone,
    Know that my heart that I left behind
    For you is my second priceless gift.
    A sword and shield, in which to fend off darkness
    And its wicked creatures.

    My soul to take, embedded in sword and shield of light.
    Feel my presence lingering, guiding you to help,
    Help those whom I could not serve, to pierce their shadows
    And change the world like I had once dreamed, in my stead.
    A reason to see through each day,
    For without one, your weapons of love made of my heart
    Will also wither and vanish and my sacrifice for naught.

    With these three gifts: safety, perseverence and reason,
    When all is wrong, I know you'll pull through where I could not.
    So live on my love, with strength of two, our world can change.