• I tried so hard
    I'm a broken mess
    May I even confess?
    The day I slipped in the rain
    You were there
    As I lay at your feet
    Shattered upon the earth
    Like a crumbled piece of paper blowing down an empty street
    I thought I could do it all on my own
    But you put me here
    Your face blank
    I tried so hard
    My heart like cold lard
    I see a hand
    It touches my face
    My broken pieces in your soft palms
    Did I make you weak?
    As our tears leak
    You can see the rain that sends dripping
    I stand
    Only as one who's broken can
    I thought I knew better
    But I see now you were more than I
    As you turn your back
    I smell my own fear
    As I hold back my tears
    Something happened that could never be rewound
    I finally learned to let go
    And that scares me