• Lying dorment by a soft lullabye
    In a heart a beast does lie
    Just waiting to be set free
    Night by night it cries in rage
    Because it’s not been set free from it’s cage
    Can’t you hear it’s plea?
    Release the lock by your heart’s key

    Behind the mask there is no trust
    A monster lies in one of us
    From the path of good they now stray
    Every promise the mean to break
    Can you not tell if the mask is fake?
    To save their souls in voice they pray
    Will you pull the mask away?

    From a human a demon is born
    It’s once pure soul no covered with thorns
    Will it ever see the light again?
    A battle rages inside the soul
    Threatening to swallow everything whole
    The demon you see is but your twin
    But this time the human lies dorment within