• Don't tell me your not worth anything
    You were the innocent one
    We used to stay up late, wish on a shooting star
    Scars are more than skin deep
    We were born for this
    There's nothing we can't miss
    All these mistakes in our minds
    We can't let them fade our lifes
    We might have been paper then
    But now were the only ones
    Have we lost everything we own
    When we didn't own anyting at all
    Time will break on this my dear
    So grasp on my love my dear
    And live everything we dreamed
    Let the story tell the rest
    The chain is bulding agian
    My heart is blistering
    Write to me and believe it's over
    Even thought it's years before the credits
    We can always say adored it
    I'm reaching for you here my dear