• Is this something of which,
    I should speak or should I ditch?
    With every shooting star comes a wish,
    And always I lay there, startled and stunned.

    Curiously the words make no sense,
    My will be done, he said and hence,
    I spent fourteen years sitting up top the fence,
    Just silly lyrics and rhymes, I speak still.
    Could the snow and the rain pour together?
    Or will they always destroy one another, he said.

    There are these questions we must ponder,
    To take the road less travelled and yonder,
    Miles and miles to go as the rain turns to snow,
    That is till the new year smites us down again,
    We cheer and wish as the snow turns to rain.

    Of snow and rain I have no idea,
    How something so similar could conflict,
    While its so true what they say,
    Opposites dangerously attract.

    My contemplations so metaphoric,
    I think I know the answer, I should ignore it.