• Theres a voice inside
    “just one more “ it whispers
    “take a sip, it wont hurt”
    “good. Now more, and more.”
    So you drink it down
    Let yourself forget
    Feel the sting and burn
    Spin away
    Into a world
    Where consequence
    Has no meaning
    Tomarrow doesn’t mean a thing
    There is no today
    No yesterday
    Only the bottle
    And the sweet sweet feeling
    Of losing yourself
    To the numbing burn
    But still it cant hide
    The things you’ve done
    The memories that kill
    But still you listen
    To the voice inside
    Taking drink after drink
    Knowing that it
    hasn’t happened yet
    but maybe, just maybe
    theres a limit, a line youll cross
    where youll find
    the releif you seek
    from torment and pain