• This is to my all my heroes
    And to help redefine what a hero is
    Because we are standing on the shoulders of people
    Who rose up and fought
    Sacrificed their lives so we would be better off
    I’m talking about ordinary heroes
    Talking about ordinary people
    Whose courage and bravery helped them through it all
    No matter what came their way
    I’m talking about men like Bobby Sands and James Connolly
    Just ordinary heroes
    Who held the spear of justice
    We call can wield it just as gallantly
    Use it not to build up walls, but to bring them down
    And unite the people for peace and justice
    Fighting like Michael Collins or Francis Hughes
    They set a fire so bright
    That it still brings people together
    Gives us hope
    Fires made by ordinary men and woman
    Woman like Sister Sarah Clarke and Constance Markiewicz
    Mass change doesn’t come about by luck
    It comes from people stressing but never giving up
    It comes from people who put in a lot of time and commitment
    To help the people rise in unison
    Just ordinary heroes like Michael Quigley and Wolfe Tone
    We are standing on the shoulders of people
    Who put a lot of hard work in
    Who passed down their trials and errors
    Fighting for future generations
    The stories we tell bring us together
    The stories of ordinary heroes
    People like you and me