• Ideas, thoughts, dreams
    A window into the soul
    As I write this soul
    I give you a glimpse into my soul
    I could be evil, sadistic
    Or maybe angelic, peaceful
    It's all in the writing
    I write to express
    I write to hide
    Read my soul, and you understand my life
    The make-up, the break-ups, the drama
    Do you think you know me yet
    I have felt the pain of heartbreak
    The joy of new life
    The oblivion left behind by lost
    What about now
    I maybe any normal person you see on the street
    I could be a super star you see on TV
    But I feel the same as you do
    Sad, happy, mad, depressed, stressed
    Pick one and I have a story for it
    I am the mother that has lost her child
    I am the heartbroken lover
    I am the grandchild that lost her grandparents
    I am also the mother-to be
    The bride walking down the isle to her husband
    The grandparents who stare down into the face of a new born babe
    I am all these and more
    Merely because we share these emotions