• The day I met her
    I found a friend
    And a friendship
    That would never end

    The moments we shared
    Were special to me
    I learned we can do nothing or anything
    And have the best time

    She doesn't judge me
    She understands my sorrow
    She told me I was loved
    And would protect me the best she could

    She was always there when I needed her
    I can talk to her about anything
    Without the fear of her pushing me away

    Because of her
    I laugh a little harder
    Cry a little less
    And smile a little more

    There have been times where we didn't see eye to eye
    And there were days when both of us cried
    But we still pulled through
    Our friendship hasn't died

    She's healed my wounds
    When she reached for my hand
    She touched my heart