• Thanks for your concern, 'it means a lot to me'
    Just keep it to yourself if you wish to remain dear to me.
    I'm sick of being told what to do,
    What to think, what to say.
    I've made the choices I have to a reason,
    My independence is here to stay.
    I hate being told that I can't control my life,
    That others are in charge of what plays out.
    Tell me you're worried, tell me you think its bad,
    But dare you tell me I'm wrong and you're going to change it
    You're gone, and you've lost your place in my fold.
    Let me make my mistakes, let me learn and live.
    I want to experance the good and the bad,
    So that shadows accent the light.
    Let me compare the bad to the good,
    be grateful for what i have.
    In order to care and see a difference,
    Let me learn from the Mistakes
    Live and Learn.