• Her name is Ladybug, yes she is my dog.
    But she is more then that, she was like my child.
    She died today August , 25 2010. It broke my heart to peices
    I never thought it would happen so soon.
    It made me cry cause she was all of what i ever wanted.
    She would make you laugh, no matter where she was.
    Sticking to your side like if you guys where superglued.
    I loved her with all my heart. And she will always be there.
    I actually still feel her near. Wich makes me cry some more.
    I cant see her in my head, so im glad I had taken pictures of her before
    she had passed away.
    Even though she wasnt the most beautiful girl in the world, she was
    Mine, and she was beautiful to me.
    So now I am shortened by my love that has passed.
    My loving dog, Ladybug.