• Raise your hand
    To see the good times that haven't come to pass
    Raise your eyes
    To feel the sunshine of a world not built to last
    Say your name
    To make me cower in a haze so full of lust
    Flap your wings
    To make the bodies crumble back to dust
    Dream my little princess
    Nothing more for you to do
    So sleep my little sweetheart
    Or watch us break the new
    Taste the ever thoughtless
    Those who've broken you
    The unforgiven heartless
    But you're unforgiven too
    Waste your time
    To see the outline of days that haven't come
    Save your friends
    To make them realize your glory days aren't done
    Give your all
    To make them wonder who you ever really were
    Show your worth
    To shake assunder all of those you had to burn
    Fall my darling hero
    Down to earth with all of us
    Forget my worried fighter
    That it's words you can not trust
    Tear the blackened madness
    Thats come over you
    The all forsaken spineless
    But you're still forsaken too.