• A dozen red roses
    A dozen things I should have done
    A dozen questions swim through the depths of
    My mind, all beginning with “Why?”
    Everything happening so fast as if someone
    Put my life on fast forward.
    Spinning and spinning
    Faster and faster
    Blur after blur
    Of a person passing by
    Lie after lie
    Slithering into my ears and lingering there, repeating
    Word after word

    “Everything is going to be alright”
    Everything is going to be alright
    A lie that has crept up on me, and held my heart
    Hostage, its grip holding such a fragile thing tighter,
    Tighter…its nails digging in slowly cracking my heart.
    And such a horrific image burned into the back of my mind
    Projecting itself into my dreams:
    A room with glass walls, the smell of all different kinds of chemicals
    Fill the air. Such a scent that is so strong as to make your head swim
    With each toxic sniff. The pale white linoleum floors offset the navy
    Blue ICU. Nurses running, phones ringing, and machines beeping all
    Hover by my ears, so quiet and yet loud enough to fluster my
    Thoughts, the hospital bed seeming as if it is made for a giant,
    Holds a small person. Blankets perfectly tucked around her.
    Leaving her head on fluffy pillows, her hair gripping the pillows
    Tightly. My eyes float over to her delicate face, choking back tears
    As I see her pale skin, tubes in her nose and a breathing apparatus in
    Her pale red lips, with eyes half open to show her milky white eyes,
    A single tear slowly runs down her check as the nurse lets her know
    We are there. At that moment it felt as if someone had slowly ripped
    Out my vocal cords.