• You hurt me, you jerk,
    You tore me apart
    I told you it was fine
    but how could you miss
    the pain inside,
    the hurt in my words,
    the loss in my eyes?

    How did I not realize
    how much I liked you
    until you were gone?
    How did I miss that look in your eyes,
    that tone in your voice,
    the care in your touch,
    until they were directed at someone else?

    I suppose it was preparing me,
    to keep on going,
    to hide my pain,
    to not make you hurt worse for hurting me.

    You know what you did,
    You know it was wrong,
    But what you don't know,
    is my true pain.

    Because I miss you, more than you know.
    I still touch that spot where you kissed my left cheek,
    I now look with a small sad smile,
    the few places where we were together

    I remember where we sat,
    I remember what you held,
    I remember that feeling,
    that feeling of freedom.

    You were the first
    and while I don't remember giving you my heart,
    I remember you breaking it,
    and that will never be forgotten,
    nor completely forgiven.