• Sometimes when I,
    Try to look forward in time,
    Sometimes when in my dreams,
    There is a world so strange,
    A world of future,
    Everything is so changed,
    Sometimes when I try,
    To peep in to tomorrow,
    And when I see, what I will be like, tomorrow,
    I will be a man, fully grown,
    Full of etiquettes, manners and just business,
    On my face, a fake smile is pasted,
    My Gucci shoes, my Armani suit,
    My leather wallet, I see is so full,
    Still that doesn’t seem to make me happy,
    Because inside, I am so alone,
    Despite the parties, and the people who follow me,
    But still I miss my childhood friends,
    The old tree, by the river,
    Cut by those men, I hated so much,
    I miss the streets, I miss the farms,
    Full of potatoes, full of peas,
    I miss my childhood, I miss the little me.

    And now that I am back in today,
    The world seems so good,
    Despite the friends, who sometimes are mad at me,
    Despite the teachers, who are so frustrated with me,
    Despite my family, who so much despise me,
    Because I know that in their hearts,
    They all love me,
    Because I know that when tomorrow,
    I will have to do some things,
    Those are always so good to do,
    And I know that these will be the people,
    Who will bring me back on right track,
    And not those people who always follow me,
    And not that wallet so full of money.