• Bleeding from my head a blood no one can see,
    I know you can't see the pain inside of me,
    My tears are black,
    My blood is crystal,
    Run away, don't come back,
    I scream to write,
    A poem of scarlet blood,
    Pouring to the paper,
    Like waterfalls to the rocks,
    In my own little world,
    Where I can only wish that humanity exists,
    You don't understand,
    Whats its like to some to an unknown land,
    Where I am the only one who has been poisoned by hate,
    Reach out to me,
    Your kind hand I will never see,
    In my heart I've placed a secure lock,
    There is no trust here,
    Only my deepest fear,
    I have always had a home,
    Yet I am now and forever,
    Utterly alone.