• The Tears you couldn't Cry
    I can see em, your smiles, they are all fake, but the people around you, they just don't see it.

    The sadness, within you, and all the tears, that you can't cry.

    You know, that you're sad, but still, you try make yourself, as well as others, believe different.

    They are ignorant, but to you, it's okay, cause they don't have to know.

    If they are just there, then everything is okay, but you'r wrong, and you know it, cause if you can't tell anyone, how can you then ever cry those tears, and make them never reappear?

    But you can cry now, cause I will listen, and never will I tell you to stop talking.

    Cause if people, never let you tell, what the sadness in your tears, is filled with, they are the ones hurting you.

    Mikkel J. P.