• Open up your pale, lifeless eyes.
    Because you have not fallen; you have not died,
    Your dreams weren't, and won't be crushed,
    And your heart and soul not turned to dust.

    You open your pale blue eyes, they glimmer as does your lifeless body,
    And you realize that your life was not it's dreamt of comedy,
    You open your mind to see what has become,
    And thus your own curse has now been undone.

    You wince at the sight of your new found color,
    And your body warms when you think of another,
    Your desire creates a burning flame in your soul,
    And now you realize you're new personal goal.

    To breathe and love, to live your life,
    Instead of believing it belongs to that knife,
    So speak once more you fragile young human,
    Because everything you thought you knew is now to be re-written.

    Push the casket door open, and crawl back to earth,
    Become what you should have been when your heartbeat came at birth,
    You know your purpose now so do not wallow,
    Because now you have finally seen that you are not truly hollow.

    Your heartbeat fastens and your life is reborn,
    You remember all the lives, all the memories you had torn,
    The connections gone weak,
    Your life was becoming bleak.

    Breathe in again, so as not to fall back,
    Walk onto the earth; Start on your right track,
    You are to live, and die as you please,
    You may have forgotten how to breathe; Your heart starts to seize.

    Welcome to the new world my child,
    Reclaim what was you before you went wild,
    Your heart was bitter, stiff and cold,
    But now I hope you'll be a sight to behold.

    Remember your love, your life and your desire,
    Because the blood inside you keeps alive that fire,
    Behold your crazed memories of pain,
    And take them as something to learn from; Wisdom to gain.