• Dying is a gift they say
    I deserve the worst
    They say it takes the bad away
    But I'm about to burst

    They say I am the devil
    That I should go to hell
    But they can't see who I am inside
    Is it that hard to tell?

    Sitting on death row is such a drag
    When you know that this is the end
    That your fate is in the bag
    And that you'll die without one friend

    If I had known much sooner
    What I know today
    Then I wouldn't end up a goner
    Perhaps that poor girl wouldn't have to play
    In heaven's fields
    But on the solid ground

    And I could redeem myself
    Then be able to say,
    "That everyone has a second chance to do right the next day,"

    I know that wouldn't happen
    It's too good to be true
    I hope that girl found peace
    Because if she did
    Perhaps I can too