• A child I once was
    Free and happy I was born
    A few years of age
    Till everything turned into scorn

    Everything had seemed to turn around
    It was not a second, just the beginning
    Suddenly, I've lost it, sight and sound
    My early life is somewhat spinning

    A child I once was
    Light-skinned and carefree
    When everything turned dark
    I was without glee

    I don't deserve this, why me?
    It makes no sense.
    Why can't things just let it be?
    My life is about to be guarded by a huge fence.

    The serpent in the bush
    He's waiting to snatch anyone
    No fruit must be given
    He wants darkness to be done.

    Lightly reflected, I see rain.
    Is this what everything turned out to be?
    For a moment, everything seemed to turn around in vain
    This isn't reality, it's also going after me.

    Where am I when all this began?
    Useless I was, I'm only bold.
    A few years of age, what can I do?
    Till I'm of older age, everything won't be gold.

    There I was, alone and plain.
    The altered life has just begun.
    The serpent in the bush, to which he has lain
    Now, there is no glee, or even the morning sun.

    Love knows no winter
    Love has no decline
    In many seasons that have passed
    I will soon be able to shine.

    A life worth fighting for
    How I wished to be a happy child
    If only I had the wings to soar
    And become carefree and mild.

    Now at this age, my decline still haunts me
    Why did I lose everything I once had?
    No one even cares, which is how I see
    The fate of loneliness is just very sad.

    A child I once was
    Do I still have a chance?
    Even if my childhood and teen lives pass
    I am still capable of having a stance.

    In many of whom I've lost before
    If only everything was restored.
    One day, it'll arrive for me
    For as time have soared.

    There is no turning back
    I have to endure this will all my soul
    A child I once was
    I will soon be redeemed and out of this hole!