• From dust to dust
    From ash to ash
    That is how we must remain
    Until the darkness falls
    And the light shines
    Like the blaze of a thousand gods
    And brings forth the end of days

    The from the battle stricken ground
    Like a pheonix rising from the ashes
    A new world forms
    And the battle between
    Angels and daemons begins

    Who are we to say
    Who is an angel
    Who is a daemon
    For we ourselves start so angelically
    But fall so rapidly to hell

    We are soldiers and spies
    Fighting a war that is not our own
    Though we fight in it everyday
    All we do is get in the way

    It is as common as day and night
    It is the battle of dark and light
    It seems to never end
    But when it does
    It will bring forth

    The end of the world