The pillars are falling away
    And I am falling down
    I reach up for your hand
    But I’m falling too quickly.

    I hear you call my name
    But the pain is too strong
    I see you look at me in horror
    But there’s nothing I can do.

    The blood is pooling around me
    I am thankful for the final solace
    As you scream for me to hold on
    But you know I’m a lost cause.

    When everyone else left you stayed
    Even though you didn’t realize it
    You’ve helped me more than anyone else
    And for that I love you.

    I’m sorry that I’m doing this
    But you know this was inevitable
    But I remember the first thing you said
    “You shouldn’t cut yourself.”

    You were the last pillar holding me up
    Until I fell down and took you with me
    Sorry means I won’t do it again
    And I promise that this time, I won’t.