• Avenue of the Lost. Figures.
    I could rhyme with that
    But some people might lose their hat.

    She walks alone.
    He doesn't care.
    They had taken a dare.
    All She could think was He's gone, so there.

    She had felt alone before,
    Surrounded by His friends and their gore.
    But the pain of absence grew more
    Until it was Her mind's galore.

    She walks down with a pace very numb
    Thinking that She couldn't be more dumb.
    Her heart was cradled in his arms
    And when He is gone, off went the alarms.

    She saw things dark.
    As if His absence had left a mark.

    It's pain.
    It's gain.
    It's a loss.
    It's the boss.

    She now walks
    One the Avenue of the Lost
    Tottering down the middle, swaying side-to-side.