• The forests are dark as night.
    No light makes it to the dewy floor.
    Tiny animals race across the icy floor.
    Birds try and break free from the dark trees.
    The leaves brush away the light even if it wants to come in.
    No light shall come in. Not even for awhile.
    Poor little animals, they cry on the icy floor.
    With no light to comfort them
    So do not fear my little ones,
    Go and rest. This day is done,
    So sleep dear ones, until the sun rises,
    Bringing warmth and light for all.
    Good night, my little friends
    Think about the light that is soon to come.
    So do not be afraid,
    Do not run from the dark.
    Just let the light come
    Even if you are afraid
    But be strong my friends
    For the light is soon to come!