• moonlight high above the trees
    such a peaceful night it is
    by myself i'm sitting here
    the memories are clear
    of love
    of love i could never reveal
    to you
    i'm sitting here
    writing a letter to you
    but the wind of fate blew it away
    away to a faraway place
    my destiny must be that of sadness
    of a sadness that's as blue as the ocean
    you said forever
    i believed you
    we were meant to stay together forever
    but destiny was not on our side
    cause' a tragic accident
    swept you away
    leaving me here alone in this world
    unable to love anyone
    i realize now that happiness only leads
    to sadness
    to a sadness that's as vast as space
    to a sadness that's worse than dying
    but knowing that
    i can still hope
    i can still hope to meet you again
    in the afterlife