• Do you see the thing we call “her”?
    The stray one down the street,
    The one with the black continuous fur,
    With the sound ‘pat’ ‘pat’ coming off her feet.

    Everyone hints to hate her meaning.
    Objects seem to break upon her eyes glance.
    People stray away from her keening.
    Why not view her dance?

    Her emitting elegance dashes the hope.
    Joy disappears from everything and all.
    It’s truly a feeling of being on a tight rope.
    She is waiting at end playing with yarn ball.

    Walk beside me in the sun.
    I won’t bite you. To that I hold.
    Let us watch the eclipse as one
    You will soon know that I am bold.

    Do you know what I define as “me”?
    Feel my noir blessings upon your hand.
    Walk upon the sands looking out at the sea,
    Hear the soft pattering of my heart against the land.

    Will I have to repeat?
    Just remember to listen to my feet going ‘pat’ ‘pat’
    Look down: I am between your feet.
    I am that thing you fear. The black cat.