• Wrap me in cloth
    Hear my muted screams
    Hear me spitting coughs
    No escape, no return
    Ignite me, watch me burn
    Stop the pain, stop all time
    Cover this innocent crime
    It’s the end, fade away
    To the floor

    In the distance it all seems to faint
    Don’t wake up, eyes closed in restraint
    Look back, watch your step
    You know I’m here
    I can feel, I can smell, I’ve got your fear
    As the blade shines in the dark
    As I enjoy this lark
    Want to twist, want to turn
    Knowing there’s no return
    Stop to care, cannot weep
    Arms spread, wounds too deep
    Let the nightmare seep
    Flames rise
    Burn in my heat
    Insides closing in
    The evil flaring from within
    Fall down, kneel for me
    Eyes wide open
    Nothing to see
    Look up, shrink and cripple
    Let the blood softly dribble
    The offering to offer
    Accept with acceptance
    Present me your coffer

    Uncovered, you lay in the open
    No chance, you’re broken and cold
    Wish and hope, turn this silver to gold
    Cracks in your joints, stumble along
    Grip for me, the power too strong
    Lift up to the sky, with a final cry
    Still there, yet away, far, far away
    No regrets, no goodbye
    Stare down below
    As you slowly rise
    And in turn
    Quickly die