• You'll Never Know

    Another Girl,
    Another Crush,
    She needs to learn
    She expects too much
    The things she'll say
    The stuff she'll do,
    You'll never know,
    It was all for you

    A heart broken
    Over things left unsaid
    Just another step
    Until she's dead
    You'll move on
    and forget that girl
    You'll never know,
    You were her world

    Time goes by
    Things have changed
    But she's still waiting
    counting down the days
    Her heart is still broken
    Torn in two
    Yet, you'll never know
    It was because of you

    The news comes out
    Her friends are sad
    No one told her
    Suicide was bad
    The funeral comes
    But you didn't go
    It wasn't your fault
    You didn't know