• Your jacket seems to swallow me whole.
    Drowning me with your scent and memory.
    Pieces of your life seem to be coming together.
    And I smile and feel proud to watch you now,
    But what I would give to be by your side again.
    I went to hell with you once.
    I am willing to do it again,
    Yet for now I wait in purgatory.
    Waiting to make it to heaven.
    Waiting to be yours again.
    This roller coaster of a relationship...
    Is starting to make me sick.
    My stomach drops, my head aches,
    My hear breaks, and I begin to die day by day.
    We can runaway to the sea,
    Go where it's just you and me.
    Don't let me just live in memories.
    Tell me this is a joke or a test.
    And once you figure out everything,
    You may still see that we are the best.