• The thoughts of loss in this world, it hurts more then living. From day to day insanity, pain was all I had once. Now I have many awesome friends, to hold me up when I fall. I now know the pain never goes away but it helps to smile.
    There are so many bad things happening to my friends. I promise to be there for them like they have for me.

    Though they have gone for a good nights sleep.
    You still have to smile and keep on your feet.
    Still know this many hearts keep them alive.

    When it rains, feeling the tears fall down.
    Never forget that laughter you've shared.
    For all those good times will keep you moving.

    I'd give anything to remember your voice.
    So never say I wish I never had the time to know you. '
    The pieces of the soul are made of memories.

    So hold on tightly never let go.