• ...staring down the road, wondering if she'll come back.

    This time I don't know.

    Because after she packed she looked back, and there were no tears in her eyes.

    That's got me worried and thinking maybe she's gotten good at 'good bye.'

    All the other times before she would break down and cry.

    She'd make her threats, but her heart really wasn't set on goodbye.

    She just wanted me to hear what she had to say.

    she just got all her things and threw them into a pile.

    Then she loaded her car and said, "After a while."

    She's done this before, but this time she didn't cry.

    That's why I'm sitting on the front steps and staring down the road, wondering if she'll come back, but this time I don't know.

    Why she left? I don't really know.

    I love her so much i just wish that she'd known

    but now instead I'm here all alone

    sitting here waiting for the cab to turn

    but in heart I know it won't

    What did i do wrong do lose your love

    i gave you my all to the nines and above

    I just can't believe your gone

    That your not coming back

    It's like a slap across the face

    one day your here the next I'm lost

    in emotion and trials that never will be gone

    I'm gonna be wreck of that I'm sure

    but please don't be sad on my behalf

    I'm sure ill be fine

    as long as all your days your having a good time

    and I'll be here spending mine

    watching at a distance

    wishing i was there

    to hold your head on my shoulder and stroke my hand through your hair

    to be your best friend and your love too

    but all i want is the best for you

    so leave if that's what have landed on

    ill be fine, might take some time

    bu in the end its all a fad

    cause all i have to say is "I love"

    always will without fail

    through the summer heat and winter hail

    I'm here right beside you to listen

    to hear and help you all i can

    That's why I'm sitting here on the step, starring down the road

    I turn and stand but its so hard to walk

    like the door's a mile away and i just can't move

    I'm suck in this place like a never ending groove

    like a rope or a trap holding me back

    I wish it would end

    I finally get inside i lay on my own

    can't get it off my mind

    it's like a scar that will never leave

    Hours that feel like days go by I'm here all alone

    and still you haven't come home

    I'm scared i can't take it for long

    I'm listening but I'm reminded of you by every song

    hours pass i decide its over

    yet I'm still here

    waiting on you to come back

    There's no time that i wouldn't wait

    I wish you only knew

    we could have started out new

    a fresh start and a new beginning

    I turn to the door

    drop the picture to the floor

    the glass shatters like my heart

    i realize its over

    and i give in

    you win

    take me as you find me

    everything that's happened can only make me stronger

    and yet I'm weak

    weeks pass and now i think of the past

    and how now i fell like such an ***

    It's over now and the past is passed

    I meet her again she says she's sorry

    I say "Save your story"

    "I know your sorry but I'm over it"

    "i love you always but now i know we weren't meant to be"

    I know your over me

    This is good bye

    Go be happy with some other guy

    I turn and walk away

    I'll save my love for some other day