• I don't know how I landed myself in this place, in this space, and now we're face to face
    But now I'm here, and you're near, and I cower in fear
    Coz I know its a show and where this will go
    You need your fix, you need it quick and you're not gonna quit
    Its a game, full of shame and my name's to blame
    Hold me tight, in the light, this doesn't feel right
    I wanna run, I see the gun, can't move coz I'm stunned
    Pull my hair, kiss me there, where the skin is bare
    Rip the wound, now you've ruined what would have healed soon
    When its over, and you're sober, everything's somber
    Pull the trigger, pain is bitter, you're labled a killer
    But I'm free, to be me, a chance to believe
    In something better than the s**t that was strangling me