• i look in the mirror
    i see my self
    the fight of the day begins

    i try to be happy
    i try to be nice
    but this monster inside

    just wants to fight
    i hit all the walls
    as i cant stop the blows

    that memories offer to
    bring down the host
    the monster a deamon

    so well designed
    knows all the way in
    and wins every time

    i cannot be whole
    with this damage so clear
    i try to sleep the pain away

    and the next day dawns clear
    untill i look in the mirror
    and the beast stands and stares

    we share this same skin
    but the beast is unaware
    and in the end

    it stands so clear
    that i am the intruder
    in the realm of beasts

    that we humans have
    unwittingly stepped into