• My obsession to create memories sometimes likes to take over my body
    It makes every single part of my body tingle
    From the tips of my hair to the toes on my feet
    It makes me think of you and the times we had together
    The good and the bad
    The sweet and the naughty
    The yin and the yang
    You are the butter to my toast
    The worm to my apple
    And the eyes to my eye lashes
    I want to create memories with you
    Something better than a picture that will last forever
    Our memories will not be something as simple as a picture in a magazine
    It will be huge, montumental and monsterous
    It will create a ruckus through the streets of Paris, France
    Manhattan, New York
    Tokyo, Japan
    It will reach the center of the earth and bolt to the ends of the universe
    But we shall not think of the impact we will make as a pair
    We shall think about the memories we must creat now to impact the minds of the young
    To change the minds of the old
    And to open the minds of the middle aged
    We will create these memories as long as we both shall live
    And until that very last breath leaves my body
    That is why your memories are engraved on every inch of skin on my body