• Everytime i lay, i think positive
    Everytime you go, inducing fear
    As well as finiding you, i found the will to live
    Knowing you are here, i lie here pondering
    Wondering, as im left here wandering
    What can I do to make you better?
    The thoughts alone, cause my cheeks to get wetter
    When i first met you, I knew you could use someone
    I knew you felt your life was done
    I couldn't let that be the case
    Fallen speechless the first time i saw your face
    Listening to you is all i wated to do
    The moment our lips met is a moment ill never forget
    Lying my eyes on you, a feeling I never knew
    I think of every feature, it makes me want to reach out to you
    I've never had such a hard time saying goodybe
    I'll always be here until the day i die.