• My greatest fear is going into this unkown world and struggling to conthinue this life

    Being accepted by others,

    Being loved by the ones we love.

    Living freely without the stress placed upon me

    Without being given expectations,

    Without being nervous.

    Parents drive you to strive for your best,

    But sometimes we can't,

    Sometimes the best is the worst.

    Friends strive to become popular,

    Leaving their past behind,

    Leaving me behind.

    I just want to live without uncertainty,

    without lonliness,

    without that line that seperates us.

    When no one was there for you, I supported you,

    In return I was given nothing,

    In return I was placed to the side as nothing.

    When I finally found someone I could relate to,

    They changed and left my life,

    They continued without looking back at me.

    But somehow this uncertainty made me continue to search,

    For a better person,

    For another you.