• The person I just saved walks up to me and calls me a hero and I say I ain't.Some says they r my freind and I say they rn't.Some one says they care about me and I say the shouldn't But I'm lying.I wanna be care for.I love having friends and being a hero is just what I am.
    I came up with a anime show called Bushyendo so heres some of the characters well not pictures of them but about them
    Itatchi Zen Bushyendo: Leader of the resistence against Solomen and probaly the coolests person alive.He's strong and brave and he never gives up and if he makes a promise he keeps it. Age: 15 Favorite thing to do: well he loves to draw and write and he has alot of wisdom.
    Dusk Marie Rose: Itatchi's best friend and she will protect him.She's not as strong as the rest but she can fight. Age: 16 Favorite thing to do: Fight and sing.
    Ema Marie Darkfire: The closet person to Itatchi ever sence she was little.She will protect Itatchi with her life and when it comes to her having a crush on Itatchi she won't tell him. Age: 15 Favorite thing to do: Hang out with Itatchi and sing.
    Jack Atlas Darkfire: Itatchi's best friend and probally the best friend he's ever had.Jack is as tuff as he is strong and thats tuff. Age: 16 Favorite thing to do: Hang out with Itatchi.
    Ace Zen Bushyendo: Itatchi's little brother.He's strong, funny, and tuff.Oh yeah a warning don't make him angry or you will regret it. Age: 10 Favorite thing to do: annoy every one.
    General Lee Johnson Keyblade: Ace's best friend and Itatchi's brother from another mother.He has robotic arms because his arms got cut off in a battle. Age: 20 Favorite thing to do: Fight.
    Maggie Marie Darkfire: Itatchi's second best friend and probaly the funniest of all his friends.She's strong and brave but also a scaredy cat when it comes to storms. Age: 15 Favorite thing to do: tell jokes and draw.
    Luna Dark Rose: Itatchi's favorite person to hang out with.She's the only one known to of seen Itatchi's darkside.She cares alot about Itatchi and she will protect him. Age: 16 Favorite thing to do: hang out with Itatachi and draw.
    Angel Marie Rose: Dusk and Luna's little sister by one year she loves Itatchi to death and she's always around him. Age: 15 Favorite thing to do: Hang out with Itatchi.
    Johnny Greg Darkblade: Itatchi's friend since the first grade he will not stand for any one messing with Itatachi.He's funny and strong. Age: 15 Favorite thing to do: fight with others.
    :Teacher: did u hear what happened today?:Student: No what happened?:Teacher: Some kid wiped out the whole Eastern wing of the school with one hand.:Student: Holyshit. *runs out of the school and see's another student standing out front of the school* who r u?:Other student: I'm Itatchi Zen Bushyendo son Inusha Zen Bushyendo and Inuery May Bushyendo brother to the legends and the gods protecter of all destroyer of evil and controller of the universe. :Student: Itatchi y did u destroy half the school?:Other student: because I did and if I were u I would stay away from me I don't want any one else getting hurt.