• What I was wrong?
    …and he was right.


    What if I ask too much of him?
    …and don’t give enough back.

    No. You haven’t.

    What if I hurt him?
    …more then I thought I would.

    No. He will be fine.

    What if he doesn’t talk to me?
    …and we aren’t friends.

    No. Ella will make sure that won’t happen.

    What if I stop being his friend?
    …and start ignoring him.

    No. You read him too well for that.

    What if I am selfish?
    …and don’t respect his needs.

    No. You have more control then that.

    What if I won’t be able to talk to him like I use to?
    …or he doesn’t want to talk.

    No. You can trust him.

    What if I made the wrong choice?
    …and left the wrong one behind.

    I don't know. maybe