• i always turn to see him in the hall
    its seems im always hearing his voice
    i wish for once he'd just call
    but thas up to him that aint my choice,
    he always talkin to dat girl
    seeing them together just makes my heart ache
    i dnt like that gurl she makes me hurl.
    maybe i shouldnt say that
    i aint tha kind of person
    wat i say and what i think just happens to worsen.
    i always wonder whats going thru his head when hes talking to her
    i always wonder wats going thru Her head when she dont even want him
    just seeing them together makes me wanna cry
    ....now maybe that aint true
    thats gotta be a lie,
    i wish it was
    just thinkin of them makes me wanna cut and see blood
    NO i cant do that no more
    i told myself i wouldnt do that s**t
    i got scars on my body thats yuh would never imagine
    i wish this pain would go away
    im always thinkin of him night and day,
    i wish i had a pencil to erase when we first met
    THAt aint true he'll always be in my heart
    come on wanna bet.?
    true i would like to be more then friends
    but its only one sided love
    these feelings will never end