• Your the reason, I think these thoughts, of no love, why I cry myself to sleep, every night. Every night is the same, and go I go back to school suffer, then hurt myself more, then get bullied, and a person, who acts friendly, who brings you in, then embarrassed me in front of the school, in front of her, and I cry some more, and suffer, and no one helps me, they just watch and laugh, they enjoy my pain, and when I die, they'll make other people suffer, just as they did to me, and no one will help, not even there "friends", and your parents don't care, just like everyone else.

    Getting beat by a drunk dad, and a mother who doesn't care, just drinks so she can forget, and every night, a father comes home drunk, and he hurts both of us, and our neighbors don't help, just like the rest. The cops arrest father, caught with illegal drugs, and finally some light, but it doesn't matter, cause school mates don't help, and i cover my from my bruises from father, and from bullies, and cuts on my wrist , so I don't get embarrassed. I wish for death, I have thoughts of death, i want death. There is no point in my life, im just a piece of garbage, worth nothing to no one.

    Everyone is the same, they bring you in, be your "friends", then watch you slowly die, and they want you to rot in hell, to suffer some more, to be hated, father comes back from prison, and im scared more, and mother doesn't help, because she doesn't care, father's senseless beatings, and getting beat up at school, they can't wait for my death, then they'll be happy, its just cause I'm different from them, just cause the music I listen to, just cause they way I dress, just how I am, they hate me.

    Please don't be friend, I'll just be trouble to you, and your to much to ask for. I deserve no friends, no love, and no life. Im nothing, no one, not a person care's for me. I have no friends, no family, no love, no courage. True friends are to much to ask for, I don't deserve to have a true friend.

    The End