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    He makes me laugh,
    He makes me cry,
    But out of all he's my
    love........Or is he? He said
    he'd always be there, but he lied
    He was there when he wanted to
    be there, He said he loved me,
    But as well that was a lie as well.

    When can i understand that he doesn't
    care not one bit does he care, im just
    his puppet, He knows that i will listen
    with my heart my soul, but he just doesn't
    care, He breaks my heart like an old glass
    mirror, Like he doesn't and should't care
    Like a maid i pick up the pieces to the
    glass mirror and pput them back together
    as a puzzle, While he watches, watches me in
    pain he, tries to help put i don't allow.

    How many more times will he do this?
    why am i being a fool? looking at the
    shattered pieces around me I cry, cry
    with my whole heart, He's done it again,
    Im giving up, i'll die for him so i chose
    the best thing for me, To die in front of
    him, make him feel my pain and terror
    For then will he be sorry.

    I see him walking, Talking to his new
    maid, I take a sharp thin blade out of
    my jacket, make sure its sharp and cut
    my finger, i see the blood on the white
    ground, i start to cry, I must be strong
    His new prey his talking with on the
    bench, I laugh, a laughter of terror,
    horror, and fear, i imagine all the snow
    red, the look on his face, I know now
    he will finally care it makes me smile.

    I take one stroke, i feel somthing, someone warm,
    i try to turn but i can't the persn has a grip on my arm
    the person takes the knife and like an angels voice
    says "Im here dont worry". I feel more better a tear
    down my face, the hand so cold wipes it away, He's
    let go of me, i turn too see no one, but the knife as
    well is gone, in my river of tears i whisper gentaly
    as if i where a mouse "Thank you my Saver."